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How To Handle Wind Damage The Right Way in Albuquerque

5/17/2022 (Permalink)

mattresses wrapped in plastic leaning up against a wall in a bed room Storm damage can impact your home both on the outside and inside

There’s no denying the rich history of the Albuquerque region. This area is the ancestral home of the Puebloan people and many of their artifacts can still be seen at sites like the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. The Hispanic culture is also celebrated in Old Town Albuquerque.  It’s no wonder why so many visitors are drawn here each year and find so many things to capture their interest.

Unfortunately, as beautiful as the natural landscape may be, nature can sometimes become destructive too and when it comes to wind damage Albuquerque is not immune.

Driving rain, heavy winds and destructive hail can all take a heavy toll on both homes and local businesses and it’s important to recognize the common types of damage so that you can handle it properly.

  1. Broken or Missing Shingles

Normally, the shingles on your roof connect to form one solid, water tight surface. Heavy wind and rain can cause dented, torn, curled or missing shingles, which are usually the most visible sign of storm damage. Wind, rain and hail can also wear away the protective granules on the surface of shingles, making them less effective at protecting your home from the heat of the sun. It may be difficult to see the full extent of roof damage but a large pile of granules at the end of your downspout is a good indication that some serious damage has occurred. 

  1. Dented Gutters, Vents and Windows

Aside from roof shingles, gutters, vents and windows can all sustain significant damage from storms and damage in these areas may be easier to detect visually. Check for dents to gutters, gable vents and other overhangs and carefully inspect windows for cracks, broken glass, loose weather stripping and torn screens.

  1. Water in the Attic and Ceilings

Leaks and water spots in your attic or on ceilings may be a sign that the roof has sustained the kind of wind damage Albuquerque often gets. Even if a roof looks solid from the outside it may still be harboring unseen damage that could eventually lead to leaks.

  1. Damage To Outside Areas

Check the exterior of your home after a storm for such things as downed tree limbs, missing or damaged fencing, and damage to lawn decorations, mailboxes and other exterior furnishings.  If there is damage to these areas, there’s a good chance that your roof has sustained some damage as well.

Of course any sign of storm damage can be distressing, but the biggest mistake any property owner can make is trying to handle repair and restoration themselves. If you suspect that your property has sustained storm damage, the best thing you can do is call the professionals of SERVPRO to ensure that it is handled properly.

Our technicians have the training necessary to handle all types of storm damage and we’re guaranteed to respond faster to any disaster. We know how important your property is to you and we’ll go out of our way to treat it as if it were our own.

The last thing you want to do is to put yourself or your property at further risk. SERVPRO can fix the damage and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Expert Storm Restoration You Can Count On

Our SERVPRO technicians have extensive training from The Institute for Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). We are continually updating our certification in areas such as Water Damage Restoration, Applied Structural Drying, Fire and Smoke Restoration and Commercial Drying, so that we can stay up to date on the latest storm damage recovery and restoration techniques.

We have industrial grade equipment, including submersible pumps and wet/dry vacuums with HEPA filters to remove excess water and filter out toxins, high speed air movers and dehumidifiers to thoroughly dry all surfaces and Ultra Low Volume (ULV) and Thermal foggers to remove noxious odors. Since flooding caused by storms can also produce hazardous conditions, we’ll also apply antimicrobial, antibacterial and disinfectant treatments to thoroughly sanitize all surfaces.

As part of the process of treating water damage, we’ll also perform a full mold remediation to prevent potentially hazardous mold growth, which can occur within 48 hours after a flood.

Because we know the type of wind damage Albuquerque gets, we know how stressful it can be. For this reason, we go the extra mile to restore your peace of mind as well as your home or business. We’ll do everything from painting and replacing flooring to completely rebuilding rooms if necessary. We will even work with you to take a full inventory to expedite filing your insurance claim so that you can get the compensation you deserve.

SERVPRO is even ready to help when major disaster strikes with our Disaster Recovery Team

With a network of strategically positioned storm teams standing by, we can mobilize local command centers and be ready to instantly begin recovery efforts after tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards or floods. Our Commercial Large Loss Division is made up of the best of the best, trained to ensure seamless communication and timely mitigation of any size commercial restoration process.

Whether it’s a heavy thunderstorm or snowstorm or the driving force of a tornado, there’s no denying how destructive wind can be. When wind damage strikes your home or business, you can count on the professionals of SERVPRO to be ready to respond at a moment’s notice and do everything they can to make you whole again.

The beauty and force of nature is something we understand all too well and SERVPRO is ready to rebuild when the winds pick up. We’re the name you can trust and the neighbors you can rely on, so let us give you a helping hand.

For an Estimate or Emergency Services-Call us at 505 828-3567

SERVPRO of NE Albuquerque

Storm Damage Recovery Services in Albuquerque, NM

5/13/2022 (Permalink)

black plastic garbage bags piled up in a corner Storm damage can result in water damage to your contents and belongings.

As the largest city in New Mexico, Albuquerque is a thriving metropolitan hub with plenty of attractions to bring visitors here every year. Nowhere can you find such an amazing mix of magnificent scenery, ancient history and modern technology.

Unfortunately, even this beautiful natural landscape can occasionally give way to severe storms and that can result in significant damage to homes and local businesses. Whether it’s damaged roofs, downed power lines or flooded basements, storm damage can be a real headache to deal with. At times like these, it’s important for residents and business owners to know where to turn for help.  For storm damage recovery Albuquerque can trust, SERVPRO has been the name to turn to for over 50 years.

Helping You Recover From Storms

No matter how much warning you might have, you can’t always avoid storm damage. After a particularly severe storm that damage can be devastating to a home or business and leave you struggling to pick up the pieces.

You may feel that you can handle cleanup and restoration by yourself, but the fact is that if it’s not done properly it can be dangerous and costly. That’s why it always makes better sense to rely on the professionals.

At SERVPRO we have both the training and specialized equipment that allow us to handle any kind of storm damage restoration. We’re also members of the local community ourselves, so we understand the particular weather related hazards that this area can sometimes face.

That’s why so many local residents and business owners turn to us for their recovery needs after a storm. You can breathe easier knowing that we’ll treat your property with care.

That personal touch is apparent from the moment you first call. We understand that when dealing with storm damage recovery Albuquerque residents need to move quickly.

That’s why we have someone ready to take your call 24/7 and we’ll have a technician on site within four hours of that call to begin a thorough, careful assessment of all damage and formulate a detailed plan to address it.

We’ll inspect everything from the roof to the basement for any sign of damage and we will determine exactly what needs to be done to ensure that your property is fully restored to its previous condition.

Some of the particular issues we look for include damaged shingles on roofs and cracks in foundations. If water builds up from this kind of storm damage it can compromise support structures and rot flooring, all of which can make a property unsafe.

We understand the potential dangers that storms present, which is why SERVPRO is ready to step in as quickly as possible and prevent secondary damages.

Our main focus is always on helping our customers heal and that healing begins with providing cleanup from storm damage Albuquerque can trust. It’s the way we’d want our own property treated so we won’t give you anything less and we won’t sign off on any job until we know you’re completely satisfied.

You Can Rely On The Storm Restoration Experts

SERVPRO technicians are uniquely qualified to help with restoration after any size storm, with ongoing training from The Institute for Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

We have certification in a number of areas including Water Damage Restoration, Applied Structural Drying, Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration and Applied Microbial Remediation, so you can rest assured that we are prepared to handle any situation.

As water and storm damage specialists, we have the advanced training and experience necessary to handle the aftermath of everything from tornadoes and hurricanes to severe thunderstorms and hail. We can provide water and wind damage repair, perform emergency board ups and tree removal and ensure structural stabilization and reconstruction if necessary.

With our industrial grade equipment, including powerful pumps and vacuums to remove excess water, air movers and dehumidifiers to thoroughly dry all surfaces and Ultra Low Volume (ULV) and Thermal foggers to remove noxious odors, we’re prepared to use scientific principles to ensure that your property is thoroughly dried.

All of our vacuums are also outfitted with HEPA filters to ensure that any small particulates are captured.

Because we know that hazardous mold can begin to grow and spread within 48 hours after flooding, we will also perform a full mold remediation to prevent infestation.

We’ll pay particular attention to your HVAC system, where mold can be spread throughout a building. The sooner you address the problem properly, the better your chances of avoiding a mold infestation that could cause serious health issues.

We know that dealing with the aftermath of a storm can be extremely stressful, which is why we’ll do everything from painting and replacing flooring to completely rebuilding rooms to make it easier on you.

We will even assist in taking a full inventory to help expedite filing your insurance claim so that you can get the compensation you deserve.

Even when major disaster strikes, SERVPRO is ready to respond with our Disaster Recovery Team. These specialists are trained to handle any size restoration job and have completed recovery work after wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes and major floods.

Our Commercial Large Loss Division works with all types of businesses to ensure quick cleanup and restoration so that you can get back up and running again as soon as possible.

There is no denying the beauty of our natural surroundings here in Albuquerque, but when nature goes haywire and storms hit you don’t have to go it alone.

Just call the restoration experts at SERVPRO for the storm damage recovery Albuquerque depends on and let us help. We make it our business to respond faster to any size disaster so you can get the help you need when you need it most.

When Hail Strikes Call The Pros in Albuquerque

5/10/2022 (Permalink)

notebook with pen and paper on floor Documenting all the damage is critical

Situated in beautiful north central New Mexico, Albuquerque has so much to offer. From the ancient ruins of the Ancestral Puebloans who shaped the land to the scenic hiking trails, lakes, fishing and parks, the great outdoors is very much a part of life here.

Unfortunately, the great outdoors can sometimes turn threatening, with severe storms that bring rain, lightning and hail damage Albuquerque residents can’t always avoid.

Hail isn’t the most common type of storm damage, but it can be one of the most severe. When hail strikes your home or business the results can be devastating.

At times like this, you need to know you’re not alone and that’s why you should call the professionals at SERVPRO

SERVPRO is a trusted leader in the restoration industry with over 1,700 franchises nationwide. We have the training and expertise to handle hail damage restoration quickly, thoroughly and safely so that your home or business can be returned to its previous condition.

Since hail can do serious damage, it’s especially important to have professional help to handle its aftermath properly.

What Kind of Damage Can Hail Do?

Hail is the common name given to solid chunks of frozen rain or ice that fall during a severe storm. Hail stones can range from the size of a small pea to as large as a softball. Obviously, the amount of hail damage Albuquerque experiences will depend on the size of the individual stones, although even the smallest stones can have a devastating effect when they fall at high speed.

Not surprisingly, the biggest result of a hail storm is roof damage. Falling hail stones can cause dings and dents and wear away the protective granules on shingles.

It may not be easy to see the full extent of hail damage to your roof from the ground, which is why you should always contact professionals to safely take a close up look at your roof after a storm.

Hail can also cause significant damage to windows, which can easily be broken by larger hail stones that may reach speeds of up to 100 mph by the time they are hitting the ground.

When the glass in windows and doors is broken, that can leave your house susceptible to significant water damage, so you should cover any breaks as quickly as possible.

Other types of hail damage Albuquerque residents can sometimes experience includes dented or dinged siding, air conditioner units, chimneys and flue vents. Most of this damage is likely cosmetic but damaged siding can expose the wood underneath, which can then lead to rotting and structural damage.

Call SERVPRO For Your Restoration Needs

SERVPRO is the name you can trust to help with any hail damage restoration. We have staff ready to take your call 24/7 and we’ve got the training and equipment necessary to quickly and safely handle all of your restoration needs. When hail strikes, SERVPRO of Farmington/Aztec/Bloomfield will help you put the pieces together again.

Preparing Your Property For Storm Damage Albuquerque

5/7/2022 (Permalink)

green plastic covering stairs and wooden floor We sweat the details. Including not adding to the mess

When storms hit they can have a devastating effect. Everything from strong winds to hail to rain can hit hard, causing broken windows, damaged roof shingles, flooded basements and other serious issues.

While preparing for storm damage Albuquerque residents and business should take steps to guard against this kind of damage and help save you money and headaches when the storm passes.

It’s hard to imagine storms wreaking havoc on beautiful Albuquerque, the largest city in New Mexico. With its rich connection to the Ancestral Puebloans and its bustling metro area full of shops, dining and family activities, Albuquerque has so much to offer, but it is not immune to storms and the damage they can do. 

Here are a few steps you can take to prepare your property to withstand storm damage:

  • Guard against wind damage – Strong winds can do a considerable amount of damage, so you should always be sure your gutters are clear and make any needed structural repairs on a regular basis.

    You can guard against wind damage with roof straps, head and foot bolts on doors and window covers or storm shutters. Also, put caulking around windows and doors and check your drains and sump pumps to avoid water damage.

    You’ll also want to protect any attached structures like porches, decks and carports to be sure they’re stable and take in any outdoor furniture to prevent it from becoming dangerous projectiles.
  • Check your landscaping – Storms can also take a toll on your landscaping, so when preparing for storm damage Albuquerque residents shouldn’t forget to protect their yards.

    Remove any loose tree branches and tie down any shrubs that might get pulled up and blown. You might also want to consider changing your gravel driveway and walks to shredded bark, which is much less destructive when blown.
  • Review your insurance – You don’t want to wait until a storm hits to check your coverage. Do a regular review of your insurance policy so you know exactly where you stand. That way you won’t face any surprises when it comes time to file a claim.
  • Take plenty of photos – Having a thorough record of the current status of your home before you experience storm damage will make filing an insurance claim much easier. Not only will it allow you to prove the extent of damage, but it can also help to make compiling a thorough inventory much easier.

Unfortunately, even by preparing for storm damage Albuquerque residents can’t always avoid it completely, but that doesn’t mean you have to face cleanup alone. The professionals at SERVPRO are prepared to handle all of your storm damage restoration needs, with thorough training and state-of-the-art equipment that let us handle any job, large or small.

We understand how traumatic this experience can be and we’ll do everything it takes to get you back on your feet again. When storms hit turn to SERVPRO, the name you can trust for professional restoration services.